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Is Fred Hoiberg A Candidate For The Ohio State Head Coaching Position?

Could the Mayor be on the move back to the college game?

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NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Fred Hoiberg has been under pressure ever since he walked through the door at the United Center. Chicago Bulls fans were less than thrilled when the front office took another coach from Ames. Now, with Ohio State moving on from Thad Matta this week, Hoiberg’s name is once again being tossed around for a vacant head coaching job. Could Iowa State’s golden boy be on the sidelines of another college program?

Gary Parrish of CBS tossed out Hoiberg as a serious candidate to replace Matta on Wednesday night.

Hoiberg is making $5 million a year currently with the Bulls and he also managed to get them back into the playoffs after struggling most of the regular season. It’s no secret that he has had much more success in college than he has in the NBA thus far. But is it a legitimate thought for him with three years left on his contract with Chicago? It’s hard to see anyone walking away from a total of $15 million.

According to Travis Hines of the Ames Tribune, those who are close to Hoiberg have said that he may have interest in taking the Ohio State job.

This news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Ohio State has been naming pretty much any big name they can, even as far as Arizona head coach Sean Miller. New University of Arizona President Robert Robbins says “over his dead body” will he allow Ohio State to swipe Sean Miller.

I won’t say it’s not going to happen, but for those Cyclone fans who are worried, it certainly may be something worth keeping an eye on in the coming days. A question I would ask is, would you rather have Fred Hoiberg succeed at Ohio State or struggle in the NBA?