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The Mid-Morning Dump: How About Those Hoiberg to Ohio State Rumors?

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OH HELL NO. Cyclone Twitter collectively freaked out when Fred Hoiberg’s name surfaced as a candidate to replace Thad Matta at The Ohio State University.

OK COOL. Fred Hoiberg promptly denied interest. Since the phrase “firmly entrenched” was nowhere to be found, Cyclone fans breathed a sigh of relief.

WAIT...WHAT? And then this happened, and Cyclone fans laughed and laughed and laughed. Good luck, Ohio State.

DISCUSS THE PROCESS. WRNL’s Levi Stevenson joined the Heartland College Sports podcast to talk about year two of Matt Campbell at Iowa State. Cyclone talk starts at the 15:45 mark.

TALKIN ’BOUT THEM CLONES. ISU recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach Alex Golesh joined the Cyclone Scoop podcast this week to discuss recruiting and other topics.

BOOMER SOONER. After 18 years, Bob Stoops abruptly announced his retirement. The Des Moines Register thinks Oklahoma will still win the Big 12 without him.

LEGEN...WAIT FOR IT...DARY. New Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley got emotional while thanking Stoops during his intro presser.

SORRY NOT SORRY, LEBRON. With their 118-113 victory last night, the Warriors are one win away from redemption.

COOL RUNNINGS. Before worrying about Mexico, U.S. soccer team must beat Trinidad and Tobago.

TROLLOL. The Oakland A’s Twitter account told Wendy’s that its hamburgers cause diarrhea.

BALL DON’T LIE. Lonzo Ball wore James Harden’s signature shoe at his Lakers workout and SBNation pondered three reasons he didn’t wear his own shoe.

FLIGHTLESS BIRD. Proven: birds can’t play baseball.

LINTBRON. Here's a LeBron James sculpture made out of 30 pounds of dryer lint. You’re welcome.

GAME RECOGNIZE GAME. “Rolex-wearing, diamond-ring-wearing, kiss-stealing, wheelin-dealin’, limousine-riding, jet-flying son of a gun” Ric Flair greeted Steve Kerr before Game 3 of the NBA Finals.