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The Mid-Morning Dump: Summer Bracket Edition

Who is the best Cyclone basketball player of all-time?


WHO’S THE BEST? CycloneFanatic put together a bracket of the 64 best Iowa State Men’s Basketball players of all-time. Head on over to vote and follow the rest of the month.

WIGGY, WIGGY, WIGGY CAN’T YOU SEE. Sometimes winning gold just hypnotizes me.

THAT’S JUST LIKE YOUR OPINION, MAN. The Cyclones were picked 9th in the preseason football media poll. Here’s how they’ve finished against those predictions since 2011.

THORPE-MOYA. Kamari Cotton-Moya has been named to the Jim Thorpe Award watch list. The award is handed out annually to best defensive back in college football.

WHAT’S THE BEST? What’s the best sports video game of all-time?

SCIENCE! The science of oiling a bowling lane. Yes, it really is that captivating.

The hidden oil patterns on bowling lanes

Bowling oil patterns are complex — and incredible.

Posted by Ezra Klein on Thursday, July 13, 2017

WHAT. A. CIRCUS. Mayweather-McGregor has turned in to a circus and we’re not even in to August yet.

DAMN REFS. A penalty flag on a return negated a woman’s chance to win $1 million during a CFL football game.

BETTER, BUT STILL LONG. The MLB All-Star Game is better without consequences but is it still too long?

MISSING MAGIC. Something is wrong with the Cubs and it might be the fact that they lost their magic.