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The Mid-Morning Dump - Matt Thomas, Man On Fire

How Long Does It Take You To Solve a Rubik’s Cube?


VERSATILITY PAYS. Trever Ryen’s ability as a wide receiver and punt returner earned him a place on the Hornung award watchlist.

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL... Who’s the greatest Cyclone basketball player of them all? Voting is still open for round one.

WHOA, SPEARS? Among the biggest surprises on the pre-camp depth chart is that Reggan Northrup has been displaced by Marcel Spears.

THOMAS IS ON FIRE. Matt Thomas dropped 20 points, including 6/7 from three point range, to get the Lakers to the Las Vegas Summer League finals.

NO MORE FIVES. The center position in the NBA is dying.

WHAT’S A QB WORTH? A look at just how much it’s costing to keep a franchise QB these days.

UNCONVENTIONAL. Can’t get a baseball out of your glove after a backhanded stab? Throw your glove.

AND TD WOULD HAVE BEEN RICH(ER), IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU MEDDLING KIDS! A couple of teenagers discovered that TD Garden has been in violation of a Boston law and owe a bunch of money.

BLAME THE KOMBUCHA. Michael Floyd used kombucha as the explanation for his elevated blood alcohol levels.

A RUBIK’S CUBE IN 5.4. A competitor solved a Rubik’s cube in 5.4 seconds. I can probably solve one in like 5.4 hours.