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The Mid-Morning Dump: Media Day Edition

Lots of fun things came out of media day yesterday.


WRNL MEDIA DAY ARTICLES. Jwilly recapped Matt Campbell’s press conference. We also gave our thoughts on the new fall depth chart.

MEDIA DAY RECAP. Chris Williams has a quick media day recap for those who missed it.

NEW UNIFORMS!! Matt Campbell said yesterday that new uniform designs for 2018 are in the final stages.

MATT THOMAS EN FUEGO! Matt Thomas finished off the summer league sizzling hot. Knocking down 5-5 3-point attempts en route to the league title.

MMA RUGBY? Italy has a new sport that is part rugby and MMA.

CUT THE HAIR. Michael Vick says if Colin Kaepernick cuts his hair he would have a better chance at getting signed.

DOG HOSTAGE. Lucky Whitehead’s dog returned home after being held hostage yesterday in a bizarre story.

LIONS WANT MEGATRON. The Lions have invited Calvin Johnson to come back.

TODAY’S LAUGH. Carlos Beltran was moved to full time DH for the Astros. So they held a funeral for his outfield glove.

NEW IPAD PLEASE! The Cubs may owe the Braves a new iPad after this on target throw by Javier Baez.