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The Mid-Morning Dump - Michael Phelps Raced a Shark, Kinda.

Something Something Shark Week


BUSCH LEAGUE. CF catches up with former Iowa State two-sport star Mike Busch.

LARD LEADS THE WAY. To a CCL Championship, racking up 25 points and 17 rebounds.

GETTING THE IN-STATE TALENT. Kevin Dresser is making a big pitch for Iowa wrestling talent, getting commitments from three top talents in recent weeks.


GAMES THAT ACTUALLY FINISH IN THREE HOURS? With college football game times rising to an average of 3 hours, 24 minutes, change has been looked into.

JAMAICA WE HAVE A BOB... SOCCER TEAM. Jamaica upset Mexico in the Gold Cup semi-final with a great free kick.

KYRIE OUT. Why does Kyrie Irving want to leave Cleveland? Is it a product of him growing up during the hero ball era?

CONOR MACGREGOR IS MAKING SO MANY FRIENDS. Draymond Green is now unhappy with Conor for wearing a #23 Warriors jersey.

PHELPS LOSES. Michael Phelps lost in a race against a Great White Shark. But at least it didn’t eat him, because it was CGI.

ICE CUBE DOES A CLASSIC. No, not Boyz in the Hood... he sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame at Wrigley.