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The Mid-Morning Dump: Remember the 2007 Football Season? Us Either.

But apparently the rest of the nation does.


BRING IT, MOUNTAINEERS. No, not West Virginia. Iowa State plays Appalachian State in the first round of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off basketball tournament.

DO IT. Monte Morris says if he puts in the work, he’ll be rewarded in Denver.

GET OUTTA HERE. Jomal Wiltz is looking good so far with the Philadelphia Eagles.

10 YEARS AGO. The Mothership is looking back at the 2007 college football season, which was pretty lame IMHO.

BACK TO SEATTLE? The city is on the shortlist of NBA expansion cities according to Adam Silver.

BOINK! This is probably the craziest/funniest home run you’ll see all year.

BALD SQUARED. Manu Ginobili met a bald eagle and they’re obviously now best friends.

MADDEN ROOKIES. Watch as first-year players find out what their Madden ratings are.

THE G.O.A.T. Katie Ledecky is still really, really good at swimming.

THAT’S GOTTA HURT. This belly flop and its reactions are sure to make you crack up.

...WAT. I don’t see how a basketball team could ever get this confused as to which way they should be going on the court.