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The Mid-Morning Dump: Adrian Beltre Moves the On-Deck Circle

And promptly gets ejected for it.


PARK AND THE GANG. CF kicks off their position previews with the QBs.

SUMMER IMPROVEMENT. Terrence Lewis has used this summer to get stronger and improve his workouts.

PLAYER REACTIONS. See how a few ISU softball players reacted to the news that their head coach was leaving for Minnesota.

CHANGE IS GOOD. Here’s proof:

THIS IS SMART, IMO. Adrian Beltre was told to move into the on-deck circle by the ump, but instead, he moved the on-deck circle to him and got ejected.

THAT’S A WINNER. Watch Jordan Morris win the Gold Cup for the USMNT.

DON’T SEE THAT EVERY DAY. Here’s an inside-the-park grand slam from the brilliantly-named Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

CUBS BABIES. It’s been nine months since the Cubs won the World Series. You know what that means...

MAYBE THE ROYALS ARE GOOD. They have won eight straight, after all.

OLD AND GOOD. Tom Brady is the highest-rated QB in the latest version of Madden.

MUST-WATCH BALL. LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson drew quite the crowd when they played a recent AAU game.

SHERLOCK HOLMES. Magic is crazy.