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The Mid-Morning Dump: All the Classics

If the NCAA Football series still existed we bet the 2011 Iowa State-Oklahoma State game would be in its Classic Mode.

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NEW SCHEDULE! This season’s men’s basketball non-conference schedule has been released and includes the potential matchups in Puerto Rico.

AKRON?! Why is Iowa State playing on the road in Akron this year?


GOLF! The Solheim Cup is in Des Moines in a few weeks and the two teams are getting pretty excited about it.

SO HAPPY! Cardale Jones was traded from Buffalo to the Los Angeles (can you guess which team?) and cried tears of joy when he found out.

REPLAYING THE CLASSICS. The mothership dusted of NCAA Football 05 and played all the games in College Classics mode. It’s fun as hell.

PAUL RHOADS: RUINER OF FORTUNES. Before Paul Rhoads ruined Oklahoma State’s season in 2011, he ruined West Virginia’s in 2007.

SELLING THE STUNNER. The Rock used to bet Stone Cold Steve Austin a case of beer based on how well he could sell the Stone Cold Stunner.