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The Mid-Morning Dump: ANF vs. AHF

Let’s all squabble!


THREE BIG QUESTIONS. Travis Hines has three burning questions for Iowa State football this fall.

TRYING FOR SUNDAYS. A list of the Cyclones trying to make it onto NFL rosters for the season.

#TRANSFERU EXTENDS TO WRESTLING. Jarett Degen is transferring from Virginia Tech to follow Kevin Dresser to Ames.

ANF VS. AHF. Keith Murphy lays down his take on the debate.

THANKS, MEDIA! Yu Darvish is happy that Jeff Passan tweeted that he was tipping his pitches.

SNUCK UP ON US. Adrian Beltre is a first ballot Hall-of-Famer now?

GODDAMMIT, KYRIE. Teachers are having difficulty teaching a round earth because of Kyrie Irving.

AN ESCAPE. A look at soccer inside Kakuma, one of the world’s largest refugee camps.

COMEBACK! The US Women scored three goals in the final 10 minutes to come back from a 3-1 deficit against Brazil.

WHOOOOOPS. The NFL Network spent an entire segment predicting the wrong Seahawks schedule.

CHRIS CHRISTIE WILL LECTURE YOU. Don’t give him shit at a Cubs game, or he’ll yell at you.

THE BEST OWN GOAL YOU’LL EVER SEE. Geoffrey Kondogbia lofts this beauty into his own net, and is equaled by this beauty in the Eibar-Schalke match.