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The Mid-Morning Dump: The LeBron James Beatbox Edition

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RE-UP. Season tickets are now on sale for Cyclone wrestling, volleyball and women’s basketball.

GETTIN WIGGY. Cyclone guard Lindell Wigginton helped team Canada reach the quarterfinals of the FIBA U19 Basketball World Cup.

GAL-BAD NEWS. Texas wide receiver Sterling Galban has decommitted from the Cyclones’ football class of ‘18.

SAY WHAT? UNI wrestling is joining the Big 12.

NBA OFF SEASON. Ain’t nobody got time to keep track of all of the NBA free agency rumors. SBNation’s got your back.

NBA OFF SEASON CONT... This NBA free agent class is top-heavy, but falls off thereafter. SBNation ranked the top 50 by position.

PLACE YOUR BETS. The MLB Home Run Derby bracket is set, with 2016 champion Giancarlo Stanton set to defend last year’s championship.

PHO THAT. Danielle Kang celebrated her LPGA victory by eating pho from the trophy.

BOOM TSSSSS. This video on IG of LeBron James beatboxing with his daughter is everything.

SORRY. The LaVar Ball family reality show is actually happening.

WHO’S A GOOD DOG? And now here’s a cute video of a puppy to make you feel better about humanity...or whatever.