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The Mid-Morning Dump: Solomon Young is the Future

The Cyclone big man is looking to take on a bigger role heading in to next season.

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BREAKING BARRIERS. Solomon Young was a critical part of Iowa State’s 10-2 record to close the season last year, but now he’ll be tasked with doing more as a key piece of this year’s team.

TOP OF MIND. 4-star Memphis point guard Tyler Harris considers Iowa State to be on the top of his four team list after his visit to Ames.

DIGGIN’ DUGGAN. Iowa State is in early on 2019 4-star in-state quarterback Max Duggan.

WATER IS WET. USA Today released their 2015-2016 look at NCAA member school financials, and in a move surprising no one, Iowa State is among the lowest spenders in the Big 12.

REPPIN’ MEDIA DAYS. Big 12 Media Days are just around the corner (July 17th and 18th) and here are your Cyclone reps:

MORE MONEY. SEC schools averaged $130M in revenue, which is a lot, but check out where the Big 12 ranks on the list on a per school basis!

SEC SHADE. A hurricane forced a venue switch for last year’s Florida-LSU matchup, which impacted the 2017 date, so Florida made the matchup their Homecoming game.

GRADE-A MULLET. Check out the evolution of Mike Gundy’s mullet.

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE. What do NFL teams do when their superstar quarterback is pushing retirement age and they have no real plan for the future?

ONE OF MANY. Baylor settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who accused them of creating a “hunting ground for sexual assault predators”. Expect many, many more settlements in the future.

I’M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS. Jon Bois at the mothership wrote some words about the future of football. It’s... something.