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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tomato Farmer

Iowa State Quarterback's coach Jim Hofher likes being a tomato farmer.

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GET ME SOME TOMATO’S. Iowa State coach Jim Hofher is in love with his tomato farming.

PLAYING BOTH WAYS. Joel Lanning is embracing playing both on offense and defense.

JACOB PARK IS THE KEY. Jacob Park is the key to Iowa State’s success for 2017.

JUST A BIT OUTSIDE! A ceremonial first pitch at the Red Sox game last night was a nut buster.

WALK OF WILD PITCH. The Cubs won on a wild pitch last night to end a wild game.

ZEKE HEARING SET. Ezekiel Elliot will have his appeal heard on August 29th.

$167 MILLION TO BUILD A TEAM. ESPN built an NFL team on a $167 million cap space.

FANTASY FOOTBALL TARGETS. Here are the players you should be targeting for your fantasy football team.

ABSENT PROFESSOR. Brian Kelly admits he was absent during last years failure as he was busy fundraising for a new football facility.

HOIBULLS MOVIN ON. The Bulls are now fully in rebuild mode and have reached a buyout agreement with Dwayne Wade.

ONLY 8 OUNCES. Conner McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have been approved to wear lighter gloves.