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The Mid-Morning Dump: No Slumping Allowed

David Montgomery wants none of this “sophomore slump” stuff.

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MASS DEPLOYMENT. The Cyclones plan on using three linebackers more in 2017 than they did last year.

NO SLUMPING. David Montgomery wants to avoid the sophomore slump this season and is working hard to do so.

FULL STRENGTH CAMPOS. Jake Campos is happy to be back at full strength heading in to his senior season.

INSTALLATION NOTES. Tom Manning talks about the offensive line, installation of the offense, and how it compares to last season.

JOEL ROME. Joel Lanning was on The Jim Rome Show yesterday.

FUTURE STRIKE? The NFLPA believes that a strike could happen in 2021 when the next collective bargaining agreement is set to be negotiated.

HIGHLIGHTS. More NFL preseason games means more NFL preseason highlights.

REPLACING BORTLES. Blake Bortles isn’t very good and he’s probably going to hold the Jaguars back this season if he isn’t replaced.

NO JOKE? What if Conor McGregor’s training isn’t a joke?

BOWL NAMES ARE STUPID. Case in point, the new name for the St. Petersburg Bowl.

BIGGEST GAMES TO START. The seven biggest games in college football’s opening weekend.