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The Mid-Morning Dump: Chase Allen Still Hasn’t Been Run Over by a Car This Season

Knock on wood.


ENGINEERING SUCCESS. Here’s Rob Gray’s story about Chase Allen and ISU’s tight ends aiming for excellence.

LIFE-CHANGING. Read the story of how Steve Prohm’s alumni reunion passion project changed a life.

LANNING ET AL. The Iowa State Daily takes a closer look at the 2017 linebacker group.

OLD, WISE MEN. Georges Niang, Naz Mitrou-Long, and Monte Morris weigh in on the overhauled Iowa State basketball roster.

GET SYNCED. And download the 2017-18 ISU sports calendars.

CATCH OF THE YEAR? The Cleveland Indians’ Austin Jackson has a case.

5 WINNERS, 5 LOSERS. Who flipped and who flopped when the MLB trade deadline passed.

JUST A B-. Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball will both begin as 80 overall players in NBA 2k18.

THE DAD MAMBA. Kobe Bryant posted about his dad bod on Instagram, then deleted it.

JORDAN V. LAVAR. Michael Jordan finally responded to LaVar Ball’s ridiculous claims.

STEPH THE DUDE. Steph Curry crashed a house party and chugged Bud Light with his new friends. We’re not-so-secretly disappointed he didn’t chug Natty Light.

IF YA AIN’T CHEATIN’... Check out the 7 most creative cheating stories in cycling history.