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Iowa State Issues Written Scholarship Offers

Coach Campbell and staff issued some pretty slick scholarship offer graphics for the recruits.

Iowa State Daily

August 1st marked the first day college football staffs could begin issuing written scholarship offers to recruits for the class of 2018, usually included with a graphic for the recruit to tweet out to show off their offers. This list doesn’t necessarily include every single written offer Matt Campbell and Co. sent out, but simply the offers tweeted out by the recruits.

Carson Schleker

Elijah Jones

Christian Young

Duwayne Johnson

Kenih Lovely

Tre Adams

Joey Ramos

Dallas Taylor-Cortez

Kassidy Woods

V’Lique Carter

Jaeveyon Morton

Michael Thompson

Blake Carrol

Taye Barber

Dominic Livingston

Starrland Baldwin Jr.

Gavin Lewis

Gerry Vaughn

Ta’zhawn Henry

Dallas Craddieth