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The Mid-Morning Dump: Blockbuster NBA Trade Edition

Just when you thought the NBA off-season couldn’t get more hectic...

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BULL MARKET. Here are six Cyclone football players whose stock rose in fall camp.

TARGET DATE. We should have a decision on Kene Nwangwu by the end of September, reports Travis Hines.

STUDENT OF THE GAME. This read on Jake Campos is going to make you appreciate having him back and at 100% this season.

HOLD ON TO ME. Randy Peterson writes about how ISU is better equipped to hold onto leads this year.

INSIDE THE O-LINE. Featuring O-line coach and offensive coordinator Tom Manning.

BLOCKBUSTER TRADE. In case you live under a rock, the Celtics and Cavaliers agreed to a trade that ships Kyrie Irving to Boston and Isaiah Thomas + others to Cleveland. Here’s the reasons the trade could work, and the reasons it might not.

NAME GAME. ESPN is moving announcer Robert Lee from covering a Virginia football game because of his name.

PAYING TRIBUTE. Spanish swimmer Fernando Alvarez delayed his race to pay tribute to the victims of the Barcelona terror attack.

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. A Venezuelan little league team halted their celebration to console the opposing pitcher.

COVER CURSE. It seems the NBA 2k franchise has a bit of a players leaving curse on its hands.

GOT THE WRONG GUY. UFC fans are tagging the wrong Jon Jones on Twitter and the dude is LOVING it.

BIG GUYS CRY TOO. John Cena was brought to tears by fans who thanked him for changing their lives.

SEASON FINALE. Here’s the sneak peak at the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones.