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The Mid-Morning Dump: GAME WEEK!!!

Game week is finally here!!!

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BEGINNING OF THE END. Both Joel Lanning and Allen Lazard know they will be remembered most for their final season.

NIGHT AND DAY. Jacob Park wants the fans to know it will be a night and day difference for Iowa State quarterbacks.

CAPTAINS. The captains for the 2017 season are set.

BIG LEG! Iowa State football commit Brayden Narveson hit a 58 yard field goal on Friday.

3 STRAIGHT. Iowa State soccer dropped their 3rd straight match on Sunday.

FIGHT SONG MONDAY! Time to start of game week with the fight song!

BIG FIGHT. In case you live under a rock, Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor on Saturday night.

FOOTBALL WAS PLAYED. College football was played on Saturday, here are some fun things you may have missed.

JAPAN WINS LLWS. Japan beat Texas on Sunday to win the Little League World Series.

BET ON YOURSELF. Floyd Mayweather tried to bet $400k on himself but was denied.

BEARS LOSE TOP TARGET. The Chicago Bears have lost their top wide receiver from last season to an ACL tear.

SPORTS MATTER! Sports can provide comfort when a lot of things can’t.

HURRICANE RELIEF. If you want to donate to help the flood victims in Texas, look HERE.