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MAILBAG: Week One Edition

Fans wanted to hear about beer, Tony Yelk, and alternate uniforms.

Cyclone Jerseys

In honor of the first week of the 2017 Iowa State football season, we’ve decided to answer some questions from our loyal fans.

I would bathe in Miller Lite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire year if the Cyclones started 6-1. Miller Lite is heinous beer that should be given to absolutely nobody you would like to continue to maintain a relationship with, but a 6-1 start from the Cyclones would absolutely wash away any of the unpleasant tastes Miller Lite would surely punish my palate with.

My heart says no for the simple principle of not wasting beer, but Untappd, at it’s core, is a way for beer enthusiasts to track how many different brews they’ve TASTED, not how many they’ve consumed. Verdict: Begrudgingly, yes.

Never. You ride that argument all the way into your grave, then etch it into your tombstone to make sure you have the last word.

An interesting question, but no, for a couple reasons.

  1. College students are generally broke as hell. They’re so broke they generally won’t even splurge to buy good beer (Busch Light being the exception) or name brand ketchup. I don’t see any student willing to pay for a good spot in the student lots. Maybe a couple frats would buy a spot, but most of them already get the best spots for free by just showing up earlier.
  2. Young alumni that would be willing to pay for a premium spot in the student lots would be probably be more likely to instead make the relatively small donation needed to get into the actual donor lots, which are MUCH closer to the stadium than the student lots.

Forcing to people to pay for student lot spots would probably only drive more tailgate parties away from the stadiums to houses and frats, which is the opposite of what we want.

While it would be cool to say we beat Bama, Seneca against Florida State is a no-brainer. A win over Florida State could have been a program changer. That season, the team actually achieved it’s highest AP ranking ever prior to a collapse at the end of the season. With a Florida State win, the collapse may have never happened, and Iowa State makes a New Years Day bowl game.

Never done it.

Somewhere between Black Heart Gold Pants and Skip Bayless’ hot takes, right next to your tweets.

Depends who you ask. Ask a Hawkeye fan, and they say 10. Ask people that use reason and logic, and they’ll say 0.

This is one of the changes Campbell has brought to the program that fans get really excited about. First, the glorious white helmets from the Iowa game, then the grey uniforms for the San Jose State game. Apparently everybody loved the grey too, because the Cyclones wore various pieces of the grey uniforms for a few other games.

Matt Campbell has already told us to expect a complete uniform overhaul for next season, but for this season? We’ll definitely see more of the grey uniforms and the white helmet. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a re-imagining of the gold uniforms, but those need a major overhaul. At the very minimum, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a gold helmet or a chrome gold facemask at some point. The Oklahoma State game is on Veteran’s Day, so there’s potential for a military camo uniform there.

If there’s an elephant in the room for uniforms, it’s the idea of using an all black uniform. The all black uniforms were ultra trendy a few years ago, but have started to die off in favor of more colorful outfits. However, the main issue is obviously the fact that The Team Out East wears black. In case you didn’t notice, none of Paul Rhoads’ teams wore ANYTHING black, to avoid sharing a color with our most hated rivals. Campbell brought back the black socks and shoes, which are a welcome revision in my book, but those are pretty small in comparison to an entire uniform. My vote: skip the all blacks.

One uniform I definitely want to see return is the Jack Trice throwbacks. Those uniforms were really sharp and were a nice change of pace. That said, Kagavi did unearth the real Jack Trice uniforms, which were actually mustard with silver vertical stripes. Make the numbers on front and back a maroon/wine red color, and all of a sudden you have a super-cool uniform and a tribute to our stadium’s namesake.