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WRNL Podcast: Tailgating Plans, UNI-ISU Predictions, and Ames Bar Talk

A podcast previewing the start of college football season

Welcome back to football season Cyclone fans! CloneTeach, Matthias, and Levi called collect last night in order to deliver you the first regular season installment of the podcast.

While Levi and Matthias will be pacing themselves (alternating between Natty Lite and whiskey) in the tailgate lot Saturday before the game, CloneTeach will be trying to keep two children under the age of three alive (and also pacing to keep from falling asleep before kickoff). Not all heroes wear capes. Remember though, in our own way, we are all excited for Saturday night.

We talked about the Iowa State offense and whether or not Jacob Park could walk on water. Will we see Joel Lanning on the offensive side of the ball this Saturday?

The defense currently has two #7’s. What gives? We brainstormed ways they could get away with having two people with the same number on the field at the same time. If two girls can share one cup, two players should be able to share one number right?

Before moving to the special teams units, we got sidetracked with Ames bar talk. A lot of things have changed since CloneTeach last stepped on campus. No more Element fishbowls?! You have got to be kidding me.

Special teams have certainly been anything but special over the years for Iowa State, but they have had some standouts in recent years. Can they replace the production of Cole Netten and Kene Nwangwu this season?

Finally, we made some predictions for Saturday and the rest of the season. Here is a summary:

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See you Saturday at “The Jack”.