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Tailgate Preview: Northern Iowa

Tailgate season is back, let’s have some fun!

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Tailgating season has finally reared it’s head and returned. We have all been itching to get back in the lots and have some fun with our closest Cyclone friends. WRNL will once again be here for all your tailgating needs. We will have drink, food, games and music ideas for you to enhance your tailgating experience. Gameday is a much better experience when your tailgate blows the neighbors right out of the water.

The Pantherhawks are in town on Saturday. Let’s welcome them with open arms and a few beers.

Weather: Partly Cloudy and Comfortable

Weather in Iowa has been nice lately, and this Saturday will be no different. As of now it looks like it will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the lower 80’s. Winds around 9 mph out of the south will have little outcome on Saturday’s events.

I, for one,, am considering ourselves lucky. Normally for the first game we are sweating more than Mark Mangino in a buffet line. So I’ll take this weather and run back and forth to my cooler all afternoon long.

Not to look ahead too much, but next week is looking like more of the same. I could definitely use this kind of tailgating weather all season long. It makes our drink of the day go down oh, so smoothly.

Drink: Beer

Ah! The taste of an ice cold Natty Light, there’s nothing better on game day, which is why beer is absolutely the no brainer for the first game. You have been waiting since last fall to crack a cold one with your tailgating crew. Now is the time.

If beer isn’t your choice of drink then so be it. Go have a few Strawberitas with the Northern Iowa fans across the lot. There’s fair chance they’re the average Hawkeye fan disguised as a UNI fan and are definitely into that sort of thing.

There are usually plenty of beer sales during game week in Ames. Make sure to get down to your local grocery store and stock up on your favorite brew. Get extra to supply your buddy who “didn’t get enough”.

Be sure to keep your tailgate chef’s koozie full while he is preparing Saturday’s feast.

Food: Burgers

We are still in prime grilling season. Summer is technically still rolling along and we just happen to be starting football season. So why not bring the grill along and throw some juicy Iowa beef burgers on the grill?

Burgers are easy to prep and grill. Plus, you can keep an ice cold Natty Light in your hand while doing so. Be sure to avoid cooking the burgers to well done. Only Kansas fans eat their burgers well done. Don’t be a Kansas fan.

If you really want to make things interesting, here is a Texas tailgate burger. This burger has BBQ and a lot of extra goodies on it. It certainly would keep the ones who are bored with food on their toes.

Game: Bags

What do you guys call it? Bags? Corn hole? Let the debate begin! Just kidding let’s not. We really don’t have the time for it.

Grab a beer and a teammate and get to tossing some bags through some holes (giggity). Here are the official tailgate rules of cornhole, I mean bags, or whatever. There are a few varying rules depending on how you play so use those at your own will.

Let’s make things interesting. Find some Pantherhawk tailgaters, play them. Loser has to shotgun one of your beers, or two. Get warmed up for next week, as I am sure there is bound to be some friendly games going on next week with the fans out east.

Song: Pretty Good At Drinking Beer

It’s what we are tailgating for, aren’t we?

Be sure to tweet out your tailgate photos to me, @MatthiasWRNL. I will feature them in next week’s article.