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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Football is (Almost) Back

Preseason coverage has peaked. We think.

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ANOTHER CYCLONE FIRST DOWN. Matt Campbell’s fourth down decision making is showing signs of improvement.

LANRAM. The Des Moines Register took a look inside Joel Lanning's offseason transition from quarterback to linebacker.

FINALLY HEALTHY. After spending the 2016 season rehabbing a broken leg, Jake Campos is hoping for a successful season on the line.

REHABBED. Redshirt freshman Zeb Noland is ready to contribute a year after being sidelined by an ACL tear.

FAST FRIENDS. Running backs Warren and Montgomery have formed a friendship rather than a rivalry.

POD PEOPLE. The first WRNL podcast of the football season is up. We talk tailgating, UNI-ISU predictions and Ames bars.

SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE. The Ames Tribune documented Matt Leo’s journey from Down Under to Division I football.

LEGEN-WAIT FOR IT-DARY. Allen Lazard’s career that will be hailed as one of the best-ever for an Iowa State football player.

HYPE MAN. How an Uber driver gave ’18 football commit Josh Madison his first ISU impression.

FOOTBALL IS BACK. Brent Blum’s annual football hype column is back and better than ever. Prepare to drink the Kool-Aid.

52TRAP RETURNS. A former Iowa State football player (and former WRNL contributor) has documented what he’s looking for and hoping to learn about the team on Saturday.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Twenty years ago, Iowa State made history.

THANKS FERENTZ. Former ESPN analyst Ed Cunningham says Iowa's handling of C.J. Beathard helped drive him to quit.

DOUBLE DRIBBLE. Two good dogs played good defense against Klay Thompson.

HE’S GOT MOVES. Tropicana Field’s dancing grounds crew guy is back to make you smile.

STACHE GOALS. Aaron Rodgers' 1970s mustache is the season's grooviest new meme.

DANG. The trailer for the LaVar Ball family reality show hit the web, and it doesn’t look nearly as bad as we hoped expected.

AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Watch this man finally beat a ‘Super Mario’ level he's been practicing for 480 HOURS. That’s not a typo.