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The Mid-Morning Dump: So Media. Much Links.

Media Day always leads to the biggest dump of the year.

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PROCESSING THE PROCESS. Year 2 of the The Process begins with fall camp and Matt Campbell likes what he sees.

LANRAM THE LINEBACKER. The transition to linebacker for Joel Lanning has been a good one, but not one without a big learning curve.

PARK PROGRESSES. Jacob Park is going into his second year as the starting quarterback and is ready to take the reins of the offense.

MONTGOMERY IS THE GUY. The key to the offense may not be Park, it may be David Montgomery and the well-rounded approach he brings to the running back position.

WELCOME BACK. Former Iowa State softball assistant Jamie Pinkerton is back in Ames, this time as the head coach.

LINES, SO MANY LINES. Both units in the trenches have uncertainty at every position, but the defensive line is hoping depth makes up for lack of experience.

LANRAM THE RAM. Joel Lanning may be a starter on defense, but he’s going to be bowling over people on offense as well.

PIRATE INK. Jacob Park’s body art tells a story about his journey and personality.

DREAMY FROM DOWN UNDER. Matt Leo’s unlikely journey to Ames started with a dream two years ago.

IS 4TH GOOD? Iowa State Volleyball has been tabbed to finish fourth in the Big 12 this season.

DOESN’T GET OLD. It really, really doesn’t.

IOWAN HALL OF FAMER. Kurt Warner will become the first Iowan to be inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend.

NO EGOS? EXCEPT FARLEY’S. UNI overhauled their coaching staff this off-season and Mark Farley says there are no egos in the room. Cool.

PERFORMANCE ART. The Cubs and Diamondbacks had a rain delay yesterday and idle hands are clearly the devil’s play thing.

BEST HAIR METAL ALBUM EVER. According to The Ringer, it’s Def Leppard’s “Hysteria”.

REAL FOOTBALL! Kind of... the Hall of Fame Game was last night! The Cowboys won! Here are highlights!

NOTHING IS SACRED. Which is why Neymar is going to Paris Saint-Germain.