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Mid-Morning Dump: Culture Changers

Matt Campbell realized on cold night in January his team was buying in.

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CULTURE CHANGERS. Matt Campbell senses the culture is beginning to change in Ames.

ONE MORE GO AROUND. Allen Lazard is prepping for one more college season and a shot at the NFL.

THING OF THE PAST. Tension among Iowa State’s running backs is a thing of the past.

RECORD PROJECTIONS. USA Today predicted records for every FBS school. Iowa State’s is less than stellar.

NEW STATE FAIR FOOD! The state fair will feature 44 new foods if that is your sort of thing.

NO WORKOUTS NEEDED! Jay Cutler says he doesn’t need to be in shape to play quarterback.

MONEY MANZIEL THE COACH. Johnny Manziel is interested in coaching if his NFL door is closed.

WILFORK OUT! Vince Wilfork dropped one of the greatest retirement announcements ever.

10 YEARS LATER. It has been 10 years since Barry Bonds hit home run 756. What does it mean now?

NICE GUY JIMMY. Former Bull Jimmy Butler treated 35 Bulls staffers to dinner after being traded to Minnesota.