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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Monday After

Iowa State must move on to Akron now.

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SEASON DEFINING? Could this week’s game against Akron define the rest of the season?

9 GREAT THINGS. There were nine great things that came out of the game on Saturday from both sides.

THE SUNDAY AFTER. Jay Jordan of Cyclone Fantic dove into what was an instant classic on Saturday.

CY-HAWK IS WORTH IT. The Cy-Hawk game showed it’s worth on Saturday.

REMEMBER 9/11. Today we remember all the lives lost on this day 16 years ago.

WEEK 1 NFL. Week one of the NFL season is almost over but here are 36 things we have learned so far.

NFL FILES APPEAL. The NFL has now filed an appeal against the courts ruling on Ezekiel Elliot.

JJ WATT ENTRANCE. JJ Watt had an emotional entrance on Sunday after all his efforts in relief for Houston.

BIGGEST SURPRISES. Week one had some surprises so here they are.

SUMLIN’S SEEKING CHARGES. Kevin Sumlin and his family will seek charges over racist letters sent to him.