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The Mid-Morning Dump: Sergio Dipped Right into Our Hearts

New ESPN reporter has made waves over the internet.

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SUPERMAN! David Montgomery has quickly turned into Iowa State’s superman.

NEW FACES FINDING ROLES. Some new faces to Iowa State have begun to find their roles behind the stars.

WE’RE ALL IOWANS. Two Iowa State fans helped an Hawkeye fan in a wheel chair up the stairs on Saturday.

GETTING HIS CHANCE. AJ Klein got out from the shadow of Luke Kuechly and he did not disappoint.

$50 MILLION TO REMEMBER THE NAME. Iowa State’s College Of Business has a new name after the IVY family donated $50 million to the college.

RIVERS IN FORM. Phillip Rivers gifs appear to be in mid season form.

DIPP TO FAME. ESPN sideline reporter Sergio Dipp made his debut last night and he stumbled into fame.

RUNNING BACKS ARE BACK? Are we seeing the resurgence of the NFL running back?

NFL POWER RANKINGS. No way the Patriots are still number 1, right?

DODGERS LOSE 11 STRAIGHT. After being on pace to smash records the Dodgers have now lost 11 in a row.

J.J. ABRAMS IS BACK! After a change, J.J. Abrams will be back to write and direct Star Wars Episode IX.

IPHONE X? Apple will unveil it’s new iPhone today, what will it be like?