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The Mid-Morning Dump: 3sus of Jazzareth

Naz Mitrou-Long lands a training camp spot in Utah

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POD PEOPLE. WRNL Podcast: Zion Griffin, Sergio Dipp and an Iowa State-Akron Preview.

SPEECH. A motivating talk from CMC changed Iowa State linebacker Marcel Spears Jr.

HYPE TRAIN. Uncle Randy thinks the O-Line is much improved.

BOOK IT. Hilton Madness has been scheduled for October 13.

3SUS OF JAZZARETH. Naz Mitrou-Long has landed a training camp roster spot with the Utah Jazz.

ESPN's controversial NBA Top 100 sparked a Twitter riot when it ranked Lonzo Ball ahead of Carmelo Anthony.

JUICE. Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing suspended 10 games by NFL for violating PED policy.

GET YOUR KICKS. Here are the 18 NBA players with a signature shoe, and how they got them.

THEY DID WHAT? Red Sox fans Racists removed after unfurling banner about racism at Fenway Park.

CAN’T MAKE THIS UP. The A&M regent who called for Kevin Sumlin’s firing bought a $600,000 WWII tank to ‘blow things up and run over things.’

DID YOU REBOOT? Kickers are the IT professionals of football.

PAP PAP. Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and naturally, the internet had jokes.