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The Mid-Morning Dump: Akron On Our Minds

Akron stands in the way of Iowa State and their Big 12 schedule.

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FAMILY AFFAIR. David Montgomery will have around 60 family members at Akron.

FIRST ROAD TEST. What Iowa State team will we see on Saturday?

ROAD TRIP WILL END WELL. This MAC trip will end well for the Cyclones on Saturday.

HYPE TAPE! Be sure to follow our brand new YouTube page!

FORM TACKLE! JJ Watt put a hell of a form tackle on the Bengals center last night to end the game. Texans won 13-9.

WATSON FINDS IT, BENGALS SEARCHING. Deshaun Watson found his groove while the Bengals still look lost out there.

FLIPPIN 12K! Marshawn Lynch was fined $12,000 for flipping off one of the Titan players last Sunday.

PLAYIN THROUGH THE PAIN. Bears linebacker Jerrell Freeman played 55 snaps with a torn pectoral.

NFL IN CHINA? The NFL is trying to find it’s way into China, but it’s been tough.

22 IN A ROW. The Cleveland Indians continue to make history by winning their 22nd game in a row.

ESPN VS TRUMP. President Trump has now gone to bashing ESPN over their analyst’s remarks and he demands an apology.