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The Mid-Morning Dump: Crootin and Tootin

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Steve Prohm is recruiting his butt off right now, folks.


AKRON BREAKDOWN. Former WRNL guru Jay Jordan breaks down the game at Akron.

CROOTIN STRIDE! Steve Prohm and company are hitting their recruitment stride with the latest commitment of Tyrese Haliburton.

TENNIS!!! Iowa State’s womens tennis team is looking for some clarity for the upcoming year.

TO THE FINALS! Iowa State women’s golf team has advanced to the finals of the East and West play.


LIONS FOR REAL? Are the Detroit Lions for real this year? This punt return was awesome.

GIANTS ARE A MESS. The Giants are sloppy so far this season and Eli Manning isn’t helping.

WAIVER WIRE. Now is the time to jump on fantasy football waiver wire, with running backs leading the charge.

OKLAHOMA CFB CAPITAL? Is the state of Oklahoma owning the college football world?

SUPERMAN, WHERE ARE YOU?! Dwight Howard lost his way and now is looking to find it again.

BAD TEAMS DECENT? Here is how these bad NBA teams can exceed their expectations.