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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 3

Mike Gundy’s mullet is alive and well, and Baylor is pulling out all the stops for anything resembling a win

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the exception of Texas Tech, who plays at Houston this Saturday, the Big 12 is headed for conference play. Early-season play has brought a few surprises: Baylor has yet to win a game, Oklahoma took down Ohio State in The Shoe, and although he admittedly has none, Tom Herman believes in fairy dust.

All in all, it was a solid non-conference performance for the much-maligned league, and that performance should pay dividends during the bowl selection process. So as we push toward the most exciting part of the season, let’s take a look at where we stand.

  1. Oklahoma: The Sooners followed their big win in Columbus with a rout of Tulane in Norman, 56-14. I’ll excuse the relatively slow start as an athletic department ploy to get some late PPV buys.
  2. Oklahoma State: Outside of Clemson, the most impressive team of Week 3 was Oklahoma State, who embarrassed Pitt, 59-21, and it wasn’t even that close. The college football world was happy to see that reports of the death of Mike Gundy’s mullet had been greatly exaggerated.
  3. TCU: In a private-school pillow fight, TCU pulled away after early trouble with SMU, eventually winning 56-36. I’ve been informed these teams play for an iron skillet, although a pair of perfectly pleated khakis may be a more appropriate reward.
  4. West Virginia: The Mountaineers took care of business, blasting Delaware State, 59-16. It’s possible that the Hornets were still reeling from losing to rival, Delaware, in Week 1, but West Virginia is fielding a nice team this season.
  5. Kansas State: It’s time to pump the brakes in Manhattan. With dreams of a Big 12 Championship game appearance, the Wildcats rolled into Vanderbilt expecting to show they were serious contenders. Instead they went home with a 14-7 loss as awkward as a Vandy student approaching a woman.
  6. Iowa State: Cyclones fans were reaching for their nut cups at halftime, but Iowa State’s newly found offensive firepower ensured at least two more weeks of fertility for its followers, beating Akron in front of their families, 41-14.
  7. Texas Tech: Kliff Kingsbury is yet again hypnotizing the Red Raiders fans into a comfortable haze of hope. A 52-45 win over Arizona State was the perfect swing of the pocket watch.
  8. Texas: You could make an argument for Texas jumping up a couple of spots after nearly defeating fourth-ranked USC at the Coliseum. I’m just saying you could.
  9. Kansas: Head coach David Beaty is emptying the coffers for his 2018 recruiting class, but I’m not sure it will be enough to save this program. After another loss to a MAC program, this time Ohio, how long until the SEC raids Beaty’s 4-stars from Louisiana?
  10. Baylor: Despite performing an odd wrestling ritual at the 50-yard line that kinda resembled an Oklahoma drill, the Bears still couldn’t get in the win column, losing 34-20 to Duke.