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WRNL Podcast: Tyrese Haliburton Commits, ISU-Akron, and The Oregon Trail

Will any of the WRNL staffers die of dysentery before next week?

Endless Motor

We have arrived at the longest week of the college football season, the week of the BYE. Fortunately for Iowa State fans things are looking more promising than they were last year at this time when they opened as a 4 point underdog to BYE.

Another week, another big basketball commitment for Steve Prohm and the Iowa State men’s basketball team. This time it was Tyrese Haliburton, a 3-star combo guard out of Wisconsin, joining the Cyclone recruiting class of 2018.

While we were on the topic of shooty hoops, we discussed Iowa State’s chances of making it to a 7th straight NCAA tournament. The future is bright, but will it start shining as early as this season?

We moved on to discuss Iowa State’s victory of the Akron Zips. Matthias had some constructive criticism for the boys in all-white last Saturday, while Austin is still chugging the Kool-Aid.

Levi put out a call for some questions from our Twitter followers. After some prodding you all finally came through and gave us some outstanding talking points, making our jobs of creating content that much easier during the bye week.

Jacob Park is on pace to break Iowa State’s single season touchdown record of 20 by the end of October......the end of OCTOBER! Will he accomplish this feat and if so, when? Are there any other Iowa State records that will be broken this season?

If you could attend Iowa State during any four years which years would you choose? VEISHEA played a bigger role our in our responses than the quality of the sports teams. Also, why the hell did I have to attend school during the Morgan/McDermott era!?

We wrapped up by going down the rabbit hole of quality, old-school computer games. It was a topic debated on Twitter for quite some time and it inspired Levi to start a WRNL edition of The Oregon Trail.

We started our journey at the beginning of April and look forward to reviewing our progress each week during the podcast. Who will be the first to get dysentery and perish? As of now, our health is “good”. Check back next week to see what kind of drama we encountered.

Thanks for listening. If you have something you would like to shamelessly plug on the podcast let us know. Our words can be bought quite easily. Help us, help you!

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