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The Mid-Morning Dump: MLB Hittin’ a Lot of Dingers

They’ve set the season record with two weeks to go.

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SCOUTING ZION. Jared Stansbury scouted Zion Griffin and came to the conclusion that his only clear weakness is he needs to work on his off-hand.

MOAR BRAXTON? Not Braxton Miller... Braxton Lewis, who made the most of his opportunity against Akron.

BYE WEEK GOALS. Check out ol’ Ben Visser (bvfour3), who’s now the newest contributor for the Cedar Rapids Gazette!

THERE’S POTENTIAL! Tyrese Haliburton has a lot of potential, but he’ll need to put in some work to get there.

WAY TO GO, LADIES! The ISU women’s golf team picked up their first team title since 2012.

CFB UPDATE. Reviewing a few of the biggest questions and important statistics through a few weeks of college football.

PURDUE = GOOD? Well, they’re at least exciting!

NFL PROBS. How the NFL is being devoured by its own economic model.

NFL PREDICTIONS. Now that you’ve got the warm fuzzies about the NFL thanks to the prior link, read up on week 3 predictions.

MONTE MORRIS #1? SB Nation is trying to predict the top 100 players in the NBA come 2021. We can only assume Monte Morris hasn’t been listed yet because he’s somewhere in the top 50 of their countdown.

LOTTA DINGERS. This season has set the record for the most home runs in the history of the MLB - and there’s still two weeks left.

RAVENS QUEEN. Photoshopping Baltimore Ravens face paint onto the Queen of England probably wasn’t the best idea.

WONDER WOMAN HONEST TRAILER. One of the best movies of the summer gets the Honest Trailer treatment.