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The Mid-Morning Dump: Running Dump Edition

Police are searching for a jogger who is pooping in people’s yards. Seriously.

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CULTURE CHANGER. Jeff Woody says the growth of Jacob Park should change your expectations for Iowa State.

SET, SPIKE. Cyclone volleyball has re-emerged among the country’s elite.

POD. Stanz and Fitz look back at Iowa State’s win over Akron and drink crappy beer in a new edition of their Cyclone Fanatic podcast.

STATS. The numbers show Iowa State's offensive line improvement. Click to see why Park deserves some of that credit.

STATS PT 2. 247Sports has documented how Iowa State has performed quarter-by-quarter in 2017. Spoiler: second quarters are nicht so gut.

#TBT. Here’s a stellar picture of Zaid Abdul-Aziz and his line beard from a 71-72 Topps NBA card.

THAT’S A GOOD BOY. While the rest of us struggle to get our pets to shake, there are 5 things to know about Boise State’s tee-fetching dog tradition.

BAWITDABA. Why Kid Rock opening Detroit's new arena makes a mockery of the city's history.

EMBRACE THE SILLINESS. Oh hey there, NFL fan. If you want to try watching college football, here are 7 quick pieces of advice.

WHO IS MICHAEL JORDAN. Actual Jeopardy question: ‘For some reason, a picture of this athlete crying after his NBA Hall of Fame induction in 2009 became a meme-worthy moment in 2016.’

HOW SHITTY. Police manhunt underway to find jogger pooping in peoples' yards.

OOPS. After admitting he had a secret Instagram that was used to argue with critics, Kevin Durant had a full-blown Moment this week.

NO WORDS. New York radio host loses it over statistics and rants against the Pythagorean theorem. We can’t make this stuff up.