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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 4

With four weeks down, the Big 12 appears to be wide open.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 is in the books, and we’d like to believe that things are starting to make more sense. But this is college football, and week-to-week results are more often individual tales than chapters in a linear narrative. And that’s how we get Oklahoma struggling to stop a winless Baylor team, TCU easily handling red-hot Oklahoma State, and West Virginia beating Kansas despite giving up 367 yards on the ground. What we found is that while outside perception is shifting ever so slightly, this is still the Big 12, where offense trumps all.

  1. Oklahoma: With Bob Stoops no longer on the OU sideline, Baker Mayfield has apparently taken to calling himself “daddy”. Mayfield approaches Manziel-like douchiness with each passing week.
  2. TCU: The Horned Frogs made the statement of the week with a relatively comfortable win in Stillwater. A quality rushing offense has quietly been one of the keys to winning in the Big 12, and TCU’s Darius Anderson takes the pressure off of Kenny Hill.
  3. Oklahoma State: One has to feel for Cowboys fans. This was supposed to be the year. Bedlam. A Big 12 championship game. The best offense in the country. It was all out there for a real shot at the College Football Playoff. There’s still a long way to go, but their chances took a big hit with a loss to TCU at home.
  4. West Virginia: It’s always tough to gauge Holgersen’s teams, who are just as likely to beat a top 10 team as they are to give up 291 yards to a Kansas running back. In Week 4, it was the latter, and that has to be a concern.
  5. Texas Tech: OK, Red Raiders, we see you. I’m still not convinced we won’t see another free fall once Kingsbury and Co. get to the Big 12 schedule, but Texas Tech has two nice wins in Arizona State and Houston. And that’s worthy of a bump in the rankings.
  6. Iowa State: The Cyclones had a bye week, which is often one of the more enjoyable weeks of the year for us. Let’s hope that sentiment changes, starting with a big game against Texas on Thursday night.
  7. Kansas State: Wildcats fans probably won’t like this ranking, but we don’t know much about their team at this point other than they’re 66 points worse than Alabama. The transitive property can always be applied to sports.
  8. Texas: Tom Herman returns to a familiar sideline this week in Ames. The former Iowa State offensive coordinator is now the head coach in Austin, and he’s confident his players will remember their last trip to Jack Trice Stadium, when they were shut out 24-0.
  9. Kansas: Did the Jayhawks find something in running back Khalil Herbert? The sophomore ran for 291 yards on 36 carries, and KU showed some life against a tough West Virginia team. It was enough to keep them at ninth for now.
  10. Baylor: I was really hoping for an 0-12 season here, but a 49-41 loss to Oklahoma shows that Baylor won’t be an easy out.