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What Has Changed Since Texas Last Scored In Ames?

1,456 days is a lot of days you know

SB Nation

Look, it has only been 1,456 days since Texas last scored points inside Jack Trice Stadium. I know what you are thinking, just how much can change in 34,944 hours? Is my life really all that different from just over 2 million minutes ago? Sometimes, over 125 million seconds ago seems like just yesterday.

Don’t forget the last time they scored in Ames was actually some major bullshit.

Today, we take a look back at just how different this world is than it was just over 4 years ago.

Billboard’s Top Song


How she was able to predict the Royals actually becoming good at baseball is anyone’s guess, but she nailed it and got to the top of the charts.

Price of Gas

In October of 2013 you could buy a gallon of gas for $2.33. That same gallon of gas now? $2.48. I repeat, TWO DOLLARS AND FOURTY-EIGHT CENTS. No wonder people couldn’t afford to go to the Iowa vs Penn State football game.

Chicago Cubs Win the World Series

You know it has been a long ass time when the Cubs win a World Series in a given time-frame. Everyone knows they haven’t won it all in over 100 years.

MLB: World Series Champion Chicago Cubs-White House Visit Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Pope Visits United States

He wasn’t able to help Notre Dame win football games either.

Phil Jackson Joins the New York Knicks

The Knicks would hire the “Zen-Master” and never look back.

Phil Jackson Fired By the New York Knicks

Turns out the Knicks weren’t very good at Geometry and his patented triangle offense just wasn’t for Carmelo Anthony.

American Pharoh Wins the Triple Crown

One horse, three wins and a 37 year drought had been ended.

Since 2013

Triple Crowns: 1

Texas Points in Ames: 0

Cleveland Wins a Professional Sports Title

No, really it happened. LeBron took his talents back to Cleveland. Will the Longhorns bring any of their talent to Ames this time around?

United States of America Elects Reality TV Star As President

Related: Twitter just announced your tweets can now be 280 characters.

Snapchat Introduces My Story

Draymond Green is probably wishing this was not a thing, but it is. Just don’t look for footage of Texas’ touchdown in 2015. It doesn’t exist. It wasn’t until Facebook tried to copy this concept that people realized this nation isn’t as divided as people think.

Texas Wins Bowl Game

We thought this happened. Turns out we were wrong.

Texas Hires Former Iowa State Assistant to Coach Football Team

Nope, not an Onion headline. This actually happened, and he will be strolling the sidelines Thursday evening. With an offense that finished Top 10 in Big 12 scoring week in and week out it was hard to argue with their decision.

Well, there you have it. Approximately 35,000 hours is a lot of time. I’m not sure we can expect the Longhorns to put points on the board this Thursday night, but if they do it will certainly be quite the celebration down in Austin, Texas.