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The Mid-Morning Dump: Missing Offense, Please Help Locate

Iowa State’s offense went missing last night.

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WHERE YOU GO?! Iowa State’s offense was nowhere to be found on Thursday night.

TOO MANY MISHAPS. Iowa State let too much get away from them in the loss.

NEW LOGO. What do you all think of the new logo that debuted last night?

PACKERS WHIP BEARS. The Packers made the Bears look silly on Thursday night football.

UGLY HIT. Danny Trevathan put an ugly hit on Davante Adams, surely will be suspended.

NEW QB FINALLY? Will the Bears finally bench Mike Glennon in favor of rookie Mitchell Trubisky?

NEW AGENTS! In the wake of the FBI scandal, may NBA players are changing agents.

PITINO LEGACY. You have college basketball’s best and worst in Rick Pitino.

CAN HE GET 60? Giancarlo Stanton is now one home run away from 60.