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This Week in GIFs: UNI

Iowa State finally gave the Pantherhawks the beat down we’d all been waiting for.

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

After a long wait, football is finally back, and the hype train is full and running at near-warp speed.

Seriously. That was the longest wait ever.

Speaking of long, here’s how tailgating for a night game usually goes.

Here’s how Cyclone fans felt about the new entrance song.

And here’s how the Cyclones felt after UNI’s opening drive.

But then Willie Harvey stole an errant throw and took it to the house.

And then Kamari Cotton-Moya did it too.

Which was totally needed, because the Cyclone offense wasn’t going anywhere fast in that first half.

Iowa State carried a 21-10 lead into the half, but it really felt like the Cyclones were down by a few scores.

That is, until the offense took the field in the third quarter and scored touchdowns on their first three drives.

If only Lanram’s touchdown would have counted...

In the end, Iowa State finally took care of UNI, beating the Pantherhawks 42-24.

And thankfully, after a long day of tailgating, everybody got to enjoy a nice, short drive home from Ames.

Now then. Who’s ready for hate week?