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The Mid-Morning Dump: HATE WEEK

Hate Week is in full force already.

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MOMMA I MADE IT! Assistant Director Of Media Mike Saltus took a tumble and made ESPN.

5 TAKEAWAYS. Here are five takeaways from the Northern Iowa game.

IOWA STATE TAKEAWAYS. Here are some takeaways from Matt Campbell’s presser on Monday.

DIFFERENT IOWA STATE TEAM. Iowa is seeing a different Iowa State team this year.

DOWN TO THE WIRE. Georgia Tech and Tennessee went down to the wire and the Vols made a stand.

WEEK 2 RANKINGS. After one week of college football games here is what the power rankings look like.

NFL WANTS IT NOW! The NFL wants the lawsuit filed dropped in federal court.

WHO WINS THE SUPER BOWL? CBS sports pick this year’s Super Bowl winner.

53 DINGERS. Giancarlo Stanton blasted his 53rd home run and dented a camera while doing it.

D-BACKS DANGEROUS? Are the Arizona Diamondbacks the only threat to the Dodgers?