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The Mid-Morning Dump: Georges Niang the Troll God

He’s baaaaack!


MUST-STOP. Job #1 on defense for the Cyclones this weekend is slowing down Akrum Wadley.

“PRETTY WELL.” Those are the words Jon Heacock used to describe Joel Lanning’s debut at linebacker.

SO ADMIRABLE. Hey, here’s some things I admire about the Hawkeyes.

MOAR RECORDS. Allen Lazard will continue to chase more receiving records as the team prepares for the Cy-Hawk showdown.

GEORGES THE TROLL. Georges Niang has returned to his trolling ways on Twitter just in time for Hate Week.

ELLIOTT EXPLAINED. Needing a refresher on where the Ezekiel Elliott saga stands? Here you go.

IRMA INBOUND. The Buccaneers-Dolphins week 1 NFL match-up is being forced to move due to Hurricane Irma.

JOSTLING FOR POSITION. After their win last week, Iowa State still fell in the updated S&P+ rankings.

THAT’S A WEIRD BIRD. The Seattle Seahawks got a new logo, and naturally, the internet made jokes about it.

MADDEN GLITCHES! 2018 edition.

FANTASY TEAM NAMES. Full of plenty of puns, this list of fantasy football names is right up ClonesJer’s alley.

YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Amateur gymnast gets stuck in window trying to retrieve her own poop.

THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET. Ray Lewis claims the Baltimore Ravens didn’t sign Colin Kaepernick due to his girlfriend’s tweets.

PURE TALENT. Watch as a German waiter breaks the world record for carrying beer steins.

PREACHER LAWSON. I’ve been kinda-sorta following along to this season of America’s Got Talent and this comedian is my pick to win.