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The Mid-Morning Dump: We All Float Down Here

It may be Hate Week, but it’s also IT week.

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POD, PEOPLE. Our newest podcast features Re-al Mitchell and a Cy-Hawk preview.

THE BLOG THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED. In typical Cy-Hawk tradition (the media edition), we interrogated the Blog Out East, who predicts a three touchdown Hawkeye victory...hahahaHAHA.

JUST WIN, BABY. How the Iowa vs. Iowa State football rivalry extends beyond the field and into recruiting.

BRAGGING RIGHTS. Allen Lazard is aware that this is his last chance to score individual Cy-Hawk glory.

HOMEGROWN. The Cyclones’ offensive line is Iowa-grown, with four of the five starters along the line hailing from within the state’s borders.

HARD CORPS. The Iowa defense is prepared for Iowa State’s passing attack.

GAME PLAN. Iowa State’s godfather provides his keys to victory against that Team Out East.

LOYAL SON. Isaiah Thomas describes painful trade after ‘clawing’ and bleeding for Boston.

TENN-U.S. The US Open semifinals are comprised entirely of American women, and Serena Williams isn’t even in the field.

HOLD MY BEER. The Aggies didn’t just blow a 34-point lead. They also ruined what had been a delightful weekend of laughing at Texas and Baylor.

OOPS. DeAndre Goolsby is out indefinitely for Florida, which is news to DeAndre Goolsby.

THAT’S A GOOD DOG. Let’s look at pictures of good dogs dressed as tigers watching baseball.

WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE. The newest adaptation of Stephen King’s IT hits theaters today. In case you’ve been living under a rock, here is the official trailer.