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Tailgate Preview: Team Out East

The team out east is coming to town and it should make for some very packed lots Saturday morning.

It’s rivalry week and the team out east is rolling into town. Fans from across the whole state will be making their way to Ames for Saturday’s big showdown. Lots will be open very early to accommodate for the game day traffic that is guaranteed to flood Ames.

We don’t have to worry about any of that right now though. What is important here is perfecting the perfect tailgate on Saturday. We are here to at least try and help you accomplish that goal. So let’s dive into it!

Weather: Perfect

I mentioned it last week. We are getting insanely lucky with this weather early on in the football season. Saturday is going to be another comfortable day to be out morning drinking and watching the Cyclones. Temperatures are going to be in the upper 70’s with hardly any cloud cover. Thankfully there will be an east wind to help direct the the team out east fans to Ames.

When the lots open around 5AM, we are looking at 56 degrees. So make sure you have plenty of booze to warm you up early on. I don’t think you will have any trouble with that, given this weeks drink!

Drink: Jager Bombs

I don’t know about you guys, but Jager Bombs are one of my favorites for early morning tailgates. They are simple to make and delicious. You can even have some after the game when we are celebrating a Cyclone victory.

Now I know what you are thinking, well at least some of you. This is not a crazy idea; it’s not like you have to pound the entire bottle of Jager yes you do. You can pace yourselves and move on to beer later and enjoy the rest of the morning and your breakfast food. Speaking of breakfast food...

Food: Breakfast Burritos

You ABSOLUTELY cannot go wrong with breakfast burritos for an early morning tailgate. Hell, you can even prep them the night before, throw in your grill and warm everything up right away! It’s so easy a Hawkeye could do it.

Here is a prep-before breakfast burrito recipe.

The great thing about an 11AM kickoff is the tailgate after-party. You should already have plenty of booze, and if you aren’t the type to get out of the lot right after the game, you can fire up your grill and throw some burgers on for your afternoon session. I strongly suggest coming prepared for after-the-game.

Game: Dizzy Bat

Dizzy bat is a perfect drinking game as it combines drinking with an acceptable physical activity. All you need is a bat that you can fill with booze, a stopwatch and a few willing participants.

Fill the bat, drink it and spin five times. Then there will be a pitcher that tosses a crushed beer can, you must hit. If you miss the pitch you must refill your bat and do it all over again.

You win the round by hitting the can in the least amount of time. Otherwise, your group can play however many rounds you want and crown a champion at the end. Losers must take a few Jager bombs.

Song: Whatever It Takes