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CyHawk Week: Bike Ride for Chasen Stevenson

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Cap off CyHawk week with a bike ride for a great cause

WRNL readers, the opportunity to promote a great cause for a young Cyclone family was recently brought to my attention, and we would like to share this event with all of you.

Recently, a die-hard Cyclone fan was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and an event has been put together in support of him and to raise awareness for the fight against cancer, a disease that absolutely sucks.

Chasen Stevenson, who hails from Knoxville, IA, is an Iowa State alumnus and true Cyclone. While cancer creates many challenging circumstances, Chasen receives great support from his family (wife Justine and son Nolan) and friends, but the event we’d like to share with you today revolves around one friend in particular.

Matthew Burt is about as big of Cyclone fan as it comes. The Marshalltown native attended Iowa State University, went to nearly every Cyclone event, road game, and NCAA tournament, and was even Cy the Mascot during his time in Ames.

This Sunday, in support of Chasen and his family, Matthew will be riding his bike 200 miles on a route that begins in Slater and ends at Jack Trice Stadium. The purpose of this solo, unsupported bike ride is to support Chasen and his family, as well as raise awareness for cancer research and all those who battle the disease.

Personally, I’ve had the honor of knowing Matthew and his family for several years now, and couldn’t be prouder of this event and all he is doing to support the Stevenson family.

Here’s what you can do to support Matthew Burt and his bike ride for Chasen:


If you’d like to support Chasen, or the fight against cancer in general, donations can be made to Justine Stevenson via Venmo, PayPal or check. For information about the latter, please see their Facebook page.

  • Venmo: @Matthew-Burt-2

  • Paypal

Ride along or follow on social media

If you’d like to hop on the ride, or would like to follow Matt’s progress, here’s how to reach him:

Route Details:

Twitter: @Burt2028

Instagram: @burtmatthew

Thank you all, and Go Cyclones!