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The Mid-Morning Dump: Rhuled Out

Matt has Rhuled out the Colts


2020 COMMIT. The Twister Sisters landed a commit for the 2020 class.

GRAPPLERS IN ACTION! Iowa State wrestling will get a stiff test at the Virginia Duals.

RHULED OUT. Baylor’s Matt Rhule decided to stay at Baylor(lol) after his Colts interview.

WHATS BIG IN 2018? Here are the biggest story lines for the 2018 college football season.

CAVS IN SLUMP. Cav’s Lue says they need to get rid of their agendas.

SIT OR RETIRE. Steeler’s Bell may sit out or retire if he is franchise tagged again.

SIGN HIM UP! This kid is only 22 months old!