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The Mid-Morning Dump: Basketball Blues Edition

Also, Lauri Markkanen blocked Steph’s shot directly into his face.

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REUNITED Georges and Naz played their first game together with the Salt Lake City Stars last night.

#NODEFENSE Iowa State’s defense didn’t show up at all last night against TCU.

WHAT DID WE LEARN? Last night, the women’s basketball team also had a bad time, losing 79-50 to #4 Baylor.

LITTLE GIANTS Last night, Iowa State got a commitment from a GIGANTIC offensive lineman from Missouri.

PURDY SWEEET Where do things currently stand with fast-rising quarterback prospect Brock Purdy?

MORE ‘CROOTIN Heartland College Sports sat down with Iowa State ATH target Tayvonn Kyle.

CYCLONE Check out this story about how Steve Kerr stole a play from Fred Hoiberg (who stole it from another guy, who stole it from another guy) and called it “Cyclone.”

LIGHTS OUT Last night, the Oklahoma women literally shot the lights out against Kansas State.

BLOCKKANEN Lauri Markkanen blocked Steph’s shot directly into his face.

LIVERPOOL BOUND After playing at Arsenal for approximately 12,000 years, Theo Walcott is headed to Everton.

REPORT CARD How are the Blackhawks doing at the midseason point?

MOCK DRAFT Josh Allen is the Browns’ #1 overall pick in Kiper’s latest mock draft.