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Meet New WRNL Contributor Jake Brend

Jake does not work at State Farm

Hi, I’m Troy McLure. Oops, I meant Jake Brend. You might remember me from such sites as Wide Right Natty Lite’s own FanPost section.

I am not only a passionate blogger, but also an aspiring a sportscaster. In the past, I wrote for, covering Iowa State and the Chicago Cubs. I currently contribute for, writing about all things Bears.

I watch the four major professional sports pretty passionately, but my true love is college athletics. More importantly, Iowa State. I grew up watching every game, living and dying by every play, even the plays in the fourth quarter of a blowout during a 3-9 season.

I grew up in a house divided; my dad is a Cyclone and my mom is a Hawkeye. Naturally, I went with the Cyclones, because actually who likes the Team Out East? I carried my way through elementary school arguing with Iowa fans, defending my Cyclones. I would love to go to school the day after a win and rub it in. That is why I became such a die hard fan.

The reason I am still an Iowa State fan, even after all of the nut shots we have taken, is because the passion from the people. Those people are Jamie Pollard, the coaches in my lifetime (except Gene Chizik), the players, and most importantly the energy of all of Cyclone Nation. Giving high fives and hugs to strangers at Jack Trice Stadium, Hilton Coliseum, and even the Sprint Center. Interacting with good people who love Iowa State athletics on Twitter. Tailgating on game day, and celebrating the big wins. That is what makes us Iowa State fans and why I am still a Cyclone.

Hopefully, I am arriving at WRNL in the golden era of Iowa State with Matt Campbell and Steve Prohm, and I can’t wait to share it with you Cyclone fans.