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Iowa State Falls 57-73 to Texas

Who could’ve seen this coming?

Iowa State v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

The starters for this game have been the same for the last five games.

The Longhorns left their mark fast in the first half, jumping out to a 20-9 lead, thanks to Kerwin Roach who went 4/4 on 3s to start the game. Thanks to Lard’s efforts he kept the Cyclones in it and the halftime score was 38-29 in favor of the Burnt Orange Basketballers.

The Cyclones cut it close in the second half, bringing it to six points (43-49) with 13:23 left in the second half. Texas would then go on a run of their own, which would effectively put the game out of reach. Cameron Lard got his fifth double-double of the season to tie himself with Curtis Stinson for the fourth most ever by a freshman.

At the 2:25 mark, Lard apparently got a layup to cut it to six (57-65), only to have a travel which easily was the worst call to go against an Iowa State basketballer since (answer in the comments).

That travel would be the deciding factor in the game, and the Cyclones would lose.

Next up, the Cyclones face Tennessee at Hilton Coliseum.