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Cyclone Basketball Adds Three Point Threat to Roster

Some much needed three point shooting help is on the way.

The 2017-2018 basketball season has been a tough one so far, with the inexperienced Cyclones unable to maintain much consistency on either end of the floor. The offensive end has been a struggle at times due to the general lack of three point shooting on the roster.

Not to fear though, as Iowa State head coach Jeff Prohm has made that call to the football team we all speculated about in November. To improve the Cyclones’ stable of three point shooters, Prohm has added former Cyclone kicker Garrett Owens to the squad.

The 5’8” senior from Arroyo Grande, CA shot an incredible 92.5% from the field this past season, including 77.3% from three point distance.

At this morning’s press conference, Prohm outlined his decision to bring on the diminutive Owens:

“We’ve struggled at times this year to hit the three point shot, so we decided to bring on the best three point shooter on campus. The fact that he hit almost 80% of his threes last season is pretty incredible. Frankly, I’m not sure how this guy wasn’t already playing for the Golden State Warriors.”

Cyclone fans can expect Owens to suit up for the first team in a Cyclone uniform this weekend against Tennessee. No word yet on whether Kyle Starcevich will also be tapped to be Owens’ holder for three point attempts.