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The Mid-Morning Dump: Western Virginia Comes to Town

Riot Bowl: Basketball Edition, Pt. 1


MIGHTY MOUNTAINEERS. Three questions that Iowa State must address if they’re to beat West Virginia tonight.

TWEAKING TRANSFERS. Iowa State’s fingerprints are all over NCAA transfer reform proposal.

AGAINST ADVERSITY. The Cyclones are facing adversity, but also opportunity, writes Travis Hines.

BURTON’S BIRTHDAY. Could really use this guy’s services against West Virginia right about now...

BAYLOR BEATEN. Oklahoma got back on track in a close win over Baylor at home.

‘SKINS SMITH. The Chiefs traded Alex Smith to the Redskins, but does that really solve anything for Washington?

COURTING COUSINS. Now that he clearly isn’t returning, Kirk Cousins has plenty of free agency destinations following the Alex Smith trade.

FOOLED FULLER. Kendall Fuller was the last person to know he was traded to the Chiefs as part of the Smith deal.

BEASTLY BEARD. James Harden notched the first 60-point triple-double in NBA history.

RETURNING RANKINGS. Here are the 2018 college football returning production rankings. Hint: ISU is in the bottom half of the list.

ZANY ZAMBONI. This hockey player almost got run over by a Zamboni during an on-ice interview.

TINY TRAILER. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is back...with a partner.