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The Mid-Morning Dump: End for the Patriots?

There is some turmoil in New England.

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LARD TO START? Will Cameron Lard be in the starting lineup on Saturday?

REAL RECOGNIZES REAL! Joel Lanning chose Kyven Gadson as the toughest from Iowa State.

LIBERTY BOWL THANK YOU! The Liberty Bowl association sent a thank you to CylONEnation.

END OF THE PATRIOTS? Is the end of the Patriots near? ESPN has dropped a bomb.

BLIZZARD PRACTICE. Speaking of the Patriots. They don’t care it’s a blizzard.

OUT WITH THE OLD! There are some new stars ready for the NFL playoffs.

MOCK DRAFT! With the college season winding down, mock draft season is upon us.

COMING BACK. Ryan Shazier has started to get feeling back in his legs.

TRAE YOUNG TOP FIVE. Trae Young has soared into the top 5 in NBA mock drafts.