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Jackson’s 30 Not Enough — Iowa State Falls 87-96


NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State started this game as poorly as one could have imagined, in that we had a lead of 4-3 at the 17:09 left mark, and that we wouldn’t have double digits in the point column until 9:06 left in the first half when the Cowboys yee-hawed their way to a 23-14 lead.

However, thanks to a very strong showing in the first half by Donovan Jackson’s 15 points, the Cyclones were able to go on a 17-2 run over the last 5:28 to go up 34-32.

After the intermission ended, the Pokes rode out on a quick 4-0 run before Prohm took his usual time-out after basket.

The Cyclones finally score their first points at the 16 minute mark featuring a Lard dunk. Speaking of Lard, he tied a career high with four blocks this afternoon.

Eventually, Wigginton gets in on the action and scores his first points at the charity stripe to cut the OSU lead to two. Lindell also got an and-one opportunity (that he converted on) to put ISU up 49-48.

Defensively, neither team could stop each other seeing back to back baskets by both teams halfway through the second half. However, the Cowboys could not contain Jackson as he made two huge back to back threes.

Eventually, the Cyclone steam train started to slow down and Oklahoma State went on a run of their own. Iowa State would use their last time-out at the 1:56 mark because of the aforementioned run (7-0) by Oklahoma State.

Vexed would be one way to put how I felt at some of the calls that went on late in the game, especially when Wigginton fouled out (leave a comment with an explanation of that one, please).

I personally felt the game was decided when Donovan went 12 at the line with 12.8 seconds left in regulation.

Certainly the game was going to be decided on the next Oklahoma State possession, right? Wrong. Kendall Smith made a tying jumper with 4.3 seconds left, and on the ensuing Cyclone possession, they don’t start the clock right away (à la North Carolina in 2014) which sends the game to overtime.

The Cyclones started quick in OT jumping out in front 83-79, but not having Wigginton really hurt. Also, Weiler-Babb finished with 12 points, 9 rebounds, and 11 assists. Hopefully he gets a triple-double soon.

Is it bad play to blame? Of course not. Is it bad reffing? Maybe. For now, let’s just scapegoat the following fictional character.